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Watnext® Industries carries out the design, the production and the assembling of many different water coolers within its own factory in Torino (Italy). Every single product is subjected to strict quality control tests in addition to the on-line sanitization process, in order to guarantee a reliable and above all "made in Italy" product. Watnext offers a complete range of standard products for different market sectors, but also the possibility of customizing products where volumes justify it, both in brand and design (OEM). Watnext products are placed at the high end of the market thanks to the use of high quality materials and components, while remaining competitive in price.

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We aim to become the preferential interlocutor for the customers, satisfying the demands of the various sectors in international market, incessantly innovating the range and its products, while offering a unique and exclusive after-sales service. 


Be a world leader, not only in terms of quality, reliability, innovation, technology and products, but above all in terms of motivation, inspiration, sustainability. 

Watnext®, the example to follow and support, the ideal partner in the world of water that is ahead of time.



Watnext® has a team of specialized engineers and technicians with more than 30 years' experience in the design, prototyping and production of 


water coolers and sparkling water dispensers

 hot and cold beverage machines

 water treatment systems 


Watnext® is present on international markets with unique products, innovative, exclusive and patented technologies.


The very latest 2022 patents are the Icermetic3 carbonator (airtight ice bank, 2.5 l capacity and triple internal coil) and watsmart, the ultra-compact under plinth sparkling water cooler. 



All Watnext® dispensers use R290 natural gas as a commitment to environmental sustainability.

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